Thursday, May 26, 2011

Welcome to ICT"s in TEFL-2011

Welcome to Nairuby Mata ICT in TEFL-2011 created to share information about the use of ICTs in Teaching English as a Foreign Language Classroom.  This blog aims at providing all EFL/ESL teachers with a space to share ideas and comment on the different ways to enhance TEFL by means of using technology... It´s good to have you here...

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  1. Hey SH!!! I know that when we took this course, we didn't know about how difficult it was going to be for all of us. It's been a struggle for every body in terms of time spending and knowledge to accomplish the goals the teacher asks us to do... Taking this into account, I'd say that I consider your realizable success also mine because of the lots of things we have to do... Very good job!